About the Author

I’m M. S. Harris, an aspiring author and generally artsy person from Greece.

“Thoughts in Ink” is where I share my writing adventure, my work, and the occasional watercolour sketch. This is where I share what I learn about writing, editing, and books.

I’ve been making up stories since I can remember. Whether I was telling them to myself ( yes, I was a weird kid ), to my sister, or sneaking out of the house to buy a fancy pen and notebook to write my tale, I’ve always been making up stories.

Stories might contain dragons, epic sword-fights, and magic. Please proceed with caution. Tears and heartbreak might also be in the mix. Sugar, spice, and nothing nice.

I strongly believe in the characters earning their happy endings. That’s fun for me, not so fun for the characters.

This is what I do.

My thing.


Your friendly neighborhood Overlord,

M. S. Harris